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Kid's Show Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Apparatus (3 Books in One)
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Kid's Show Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Apparatus (3 Books in One)

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This 3 volume eBook covers most every aspect that you need to know to start performing and making money doing magic for children. Each book, in a downloadable PDF format, covers a different aspect of what is needed to be successful doing kid’s show magic. The first book covers apparatus and tricks for the kid’s show. The second book covers the business side of kid’s magic and how to promote yourself and book shows. The third book covers ideas and tips for performing for kid’s and how to engage this audience. These 3 volumes will get any new magician set on the right track to making money doing kid’s magic and entertaining this special type of audience. Each book includes illustrations and/or photographs. Here’s more detail on what is included:


Ingenious Tips, Tricks and Secrets for the Kid’s Show Magician

Pages: 36 (8 ½ x 11” Page Size)

This covers ideas and tips for performing for kid’s and how to engage and keep control of this audience. Some of the topics include:

  • The Basics of Performing for Kids
  • Entertainment
  • Audience Involvement
  • Use of Assistants
  • Hand-Outs
  • Humor
  • The Running Gag
  • Other Gags
  • The Magician Fouls-Up
  • Relating to Children
  • Creation of your Program
  • Kid Appeal
  • Size of Audience
  • Cost of props
  • Can the Prop be Made
  • Can I Buy Used Props?
  • Is Livestock needed?
  • Ease-of-Performance
  • Ease-of-Set-up
  • Size and weight of props
  • Age Range of Audience
  • Taking Inventory
  • Buying Magic
  • Creating Fun and Funny Business
  • Use of Sucker Tricks
  • Magic Word
  • Stories
  • Time Waster Ideas and Fun
  • Working with Livestock
  • Creating a Show Theme or Glue
  • Use of Music
  • Your Costume or Dress
  • Creating Applause
  • Use of Puppets
  • Execution of Your Program
  • Organizing your Stuff
  • Show Planning
  • Repeat Customers
  • Notice Your Surroundings
  • Crowd Control
  • Working Surrounded
  • The Beginning
  • The Middle
  • Dealing with Difficult Kids
  • Take Control
  • Keep the Audience Engaged
  • The Audible Cue
  • Taking Care of Your Props
  • Performing on Stage
  • Microphone
  • Using the Entire Stage
  • Tables and Props
  • Volunteers
  • Sample Show Flow


Gold Mine in Kid’s Magic - Booking Business and Promoting Yourself

Pages: 23 (8 ½ x 11” Page Size)

This book covers the business side of kid’s magic including how to determine your price, promote yourself, and get bookings. It includes many low cost and no cost ways to promote that you are in the business of entertaining children. Some of the topics include:

  • The Business End - Getting Booked
  • Selling Yourself
  • Communicating what you Offer
  • Projecting the Professional Image – Getting Started
  • Your First Shows
  • Public Library
  • Charity Events
  • Get References and Testimonials
  • Length of Your Show
  • Age of the Children
  • Identifying your Service
  • Pricing
  • Factors for Setting your Price
  • Analyze your Competition
  • Create your Price List
  • Remember your Customer’s Needs
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Kid’s Sporting Events and Parks
  • The Community Center
  • Public Library
  • Always Keep a Supply on Hand
  • Ideas for Your Flyer
  • Classified Advertising
  • Writing your Ad Copy
  • Sample Classified Ad
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Web Site
  • Yellow Pages
  • Database
  • Bring your Camera
  • Mailings
  • The Telephone
  • Assistant Awards
  • Publicity
  • Birthday Planning Guide
  • Your Phone Number
  • Home Phone
  • Answering Machines and your Outgoing Message
  • Dedicated Business Line
  • Wireless Phone Number
  • Answering Service
  • Call Forwarding
  • The Phone Call
  • Become a Booking Agent
  • Referrals


Apparatus and Trick Tips for the Kid’s Show Magician

Pages: 25 (8 ½ x 11” Page Size)

This book covers standard tricks and apparatus you may wish to include in your show. In the list below, the items marked with a * include the full working and how you construct this effect for your self for a very low cost. The other items include tips and ideas on how to use these standard props in your show. At the end is some ideas for constructing a low cost magic table and how you can put together a complete show with purchased and magic you can construct your self for around $100. The tricks and topics include:

  • Acrobatic Silks
  • Afghan bands *
  • Balloon Penetrations *
  • Coloring Book *
  • Card Tricks
  • Change Bag
  • Chinese Sticks
  • Die Box
  • Disecto
  • Dove Pan
  • Egg Bag
  • Hippity Hop Rabbits *
  • Hyrem the Hank
  • Insurance Policy
  • Linking Rings
  • Mis-Made Flag
  • Milk Pitcher
  • Rabbit Box
  • Square Circle *
  • Sponge Balls
  • Strat-o-spheres
  • Three Ropes (Professor's Nightmare) *
  • Wrist Shackle
  • Zombie
  • Low Cost Magic Table
  • Kid’s Show on a Budget

* Indicates that full working and information needed to construct the trick is given

In addition, these books also include information on:

  • Further Reading
  • Glossary of Magic Terms
  • Resources

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