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Building the Square Circle Production BoxEncore!- "Creativity In The Art Of Magic" eBook

Classic Illusions -  Design and Build Your Own Illusion Show
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Classic Illusions - Design and Build Your Own Illusion Show

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With the Classic Illusions by ZeTuer eBook, you receive plans and illustrated diagrams for over 48 different illusions. This is a combination of classic and new material pulled together to give many different options for easy-to-build illusions.

The tools, techniques, and principles for building illusions is also discussed. There is 231 pages of content in a downloadable PDF format which is a must-have for any illusion builder and is probably the best value ever produced on magic illusions.

Table of Contents

Illusion Design

  • Professional Illusion Builders
  • Illusion Building for Home Craftsman
  • Mock-ups


  • Your Workshop
  • Tools: Required and Optional
  • Required Tools
  • Optional Tools
  • Importance of a Good Blade
  • Hand Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Construction Materials
  • Knock-Down vs. Solid Construction


  • Spray Paints
  • Paint Booth
  • Laminates
  • Camouflage

Building Illusions
Black Art Illusions
Phantom Black Art Platform

  • A Handy Screen
  • A Serviceable Stool
  • A Pistol

The Elusive Hindu
A Daughter of the Sun
The Mystery of the Girl in the Trunk
The Phantom Flight
Escape and Substitution Illusions

  • The Substitution Trunk Mystery
  • The Canvas Box Mystery
  • The Packing Box Escape
  • The Paper Bag Escape
  • The Bonbon Paper Bag Escape

The Egyptian Mummy
The Mystery of the Dancing Girls
The Doll House Illusion
Danger Illusions

  • The Sword Box
  • The Penetrative Steel Bars
  • The Indestructible Girl
  • Sawing a Woman in Half

The Chinaman, The Ghost and The Cat   
The Mystery of the Three Ghosts
The Phantom of the Circus
The Ne Plus Ultra Cabinet
The Boudoir of the Dancing Girl
The Hanson Kewpie Doll Illusion
20th Century Spirit Séance
The Hindu Basket Trick
Black Art Fence Illusion Utility
Grant's Double Exchange Illusion
Victory Carton Illusions

  • In Again Out Again
  • Sawing Through a Girl
  • The Doll House
  • Dog Vanish
  • Victory Girl Production
  • Victory Substitution
  • Victory Costume Illusion
  • Victory Headless Illusion
  • The Victory Sword Box
  • Victory Spirit Cabinet

Modern Levitations

  • Grant's Miracle Suspension
  • Surrounded Type
  • Improved Super Levitation
  • Parlor Asrah Levitation

Illusion Secrets by U.F. Grant

  • Chen Lee's Screen Illusion
  • The Sword Box
  • Girl in the Net
  • The Book of Life
  • Grant's Super-Fine Suspension
  • Electric Light Bulbs Through Girl
  • The Girl in the Little House
  • Utility Lady Vanish
  • Menge's Suitcase Suspension
  • The Hindu Basket Trick

Illusions Builders

  • USA Based Illusion Builders
  • International Illusion Builders


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