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Magic Secrets Area

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The MagicGizmo site is available to the public, however, all magic secrets areas require users to be logged-on and have upgraded access.   If you do not currently have access, find out how by clicking here. 

It's easy,

  1. First just register
  2. Meet the requirements of the program. Click here for details.


If you have access, just log-in and visit Articles -->Magic Secrets to explore the great content found in this section. Here are some of resources of the MagicGizmo contained within the secrets area. 




  • US Patents - Stage Illusions - Over 80 patented stage illusions with direct links to the PDF file of patent for easy access.
  • US Patents - Close-up and Parlor Magic  - Over 110 patented apparatus effects many of which have found their way into magic shops of yesterday and today.  Again, full links to PDF of the patent documents. No need to install special software required of some patent sites.


General Magic

  • The Nest of Boxes by Hatton & Plate
  • Magic on the Cheap - Secrets the Magic Shops Don't Want You to Know - Many magic accessories and props can be made or purchased from ordinary sources without the heavy magic shop mark-up. Here are some ideas to make or obtain magic supplies and tricks without going to the magic shop
  • A Sensational Production by Okito

Stage Illusions

  • Girl Produced from Empty Boxes by Will Goldston
  • The Crystal Triangle Illusion by Silvanus
  • Passing A Solid Steel Rod Through The Body Of A Woman Without Covering And Down Stage
  • A Lady from Nowhere - Invented by A. S. Davis
  • Hermalin's Pillory Escape
  • Kissing Frogs and Other Miscellaneous Illusion Show Tips
  • Illusion: Crushing Machine (Squeezed to a Jelly, or Good Enough to Eat.)
  • Illusion: Screen Mystery (What Happened to Smith Minor, or the Sad Fate of a Naughty Boy who wouldn’t Wash behind his Ears.)
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Magic Secrets Area
Thursday, 11 September 2008

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