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General Rules:

This classified ad service is provided to the users of The items for sale are posted by members of the Magicgizmo community. Magicgizmo provides no warranties or guarantees on the items offered for sale. Please post items in the correct category. The Magicgizmo staff reserves the right to remove any posted ad for any reason.  Ads may expire after 90 days.


How to Buy on MagicGizmo Classifieds:

Ads are posted by members of the Magicgizmo community.  When you click on a particular ad, there will be contact information in the ad. You must agree upon the terms including method of payment and shipping costs.


How to Sell on MagicGizmo Classifieds:

First, you must be registered, don't worry it is free.  Click on "New Ad" and fill out the form. Be sure to include a picture for best results.


Note to Buyers:

PayPal is the best way to complete a transaction since it offers protection against fraud if you follow the PayPal guidelines. If you fund your PayPal transaction with a credit card you will have additional fraud protection from your credit card company. Please refer to your credit card companies policy and the PayPal policies for more information on how you can be protected.


Note to Sellers:

Since buyers can be protected by fraud by using PayPal and credit cards, you need to protect yourself against charge backs.  The best way to do this is to ship your items with delivery confirmation and insurance. This way if something goes wrong, you are protected.






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