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51 Flash Magic Illusions by Lindhorst

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51 Flash Magic Illusions by Lindhorst. This is a limited reprint of the rare manuscript which briefly covers 51 different illusions and their methods. 107 Illustrations. 18 pages, 8.5 x 11 format with stapled covers (similar to the original production). Also includes Nixon-Exclusives as a bonus which was originally an 8 page manuscript reprinted on 2 pages. Contains the following:

* Mysterious Gravity Wall
* Circus Strong Man Trick
* Sawing a Lady in Half
* Circus Sword Swallower
* The Human Beetle
* The Man with The Iron Nerves
* Catching Cannon Ball Trick
* Magic Cage
* Indian Rope Trick
* Indian Basket Trick
* Milk Can Escape
* Vanishing Lady
* Magic Flower Girl
* Appearing Ducks
* Box Escape
* Glass Trunk Mystery
* Flying Lady
* Asrah
* Houdini Escape
* Nest of Boxes
* Double Sawing Mystery
* And Many Moreā€¦
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51 Flash Magic Illusions by Lindhorst51 Flash Magic Illusions by Lindhorst51 Flash Magic Illusions by Lindhorst
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Harry Kellar, the famous American magician, missed a train at a friend's request who didn't want to travel on Sunday. This was fortunate for Kellar because the train subsequently wrecked.
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