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Workshop Plans: Portable Trunk to Magic Table Stand

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It was with some trepidation that I embarked on this project. Having examined the inadequacies of my former equipment, and failing to find a reasonable solution available on the market, I had little recourse but to forge ahead and design my own equipment. I wanted to build something that would:

  • Double as a carry-all for all my magic equipment and still retain its portability
  • Be sturdy and road-worthy
  • Wear well and be attractive
  • Not look like a collapsible suitcase when set-up
  • Have a behind-the-stand servante that is "invisible" from side angles
  • Close quickly after the show, completely protecting props from curious children and adults
  • Be easy to build using just a few tools and a limited knowledge of woodworking
This 20 page booklet will show you step-by-step how to build my original design for a trunk-to-magic-stand. Don’t let the name Preston Grey confuse you – that was my stage moniker 25 years ago. This booklet originally sold for $10 back in the mid 80s but you can download it now for FREE right here.


Download Now - Workshop Plans (PDF) 



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0 #4 David Silverman 2012-09-22 00:26
+1 #3 Andre Rancourt 2011-08-03 15:11
Nice PDF article plan on building a versatile magic case/table.

Thanks for sharing! ;-)
+1 #2 Dale Trueman 2010-02-04 13:24
what a fantastic resource. I may well make one one day. Thanks "_/
+1 #1 Rory E. Gullion 2009-08-07 10:00
Thanks :-) This certainly could come in handy!
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