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Las Vegas Magicians Believe in Angel

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Despite receiving many not-so-favorable reviews, Criss Angel's Believe show in Las Vegas is now being endorsed his fellow Las Vegas magicians. Lance Burton, Penn & Teller, Jeff McBride, and Steve Wyrick have all been quoted in a Las Vegas Sun article in support of Angel and the Believe show.

While the show suffered many set-backs and delays, Jeff McBride was not holding back on his praise of the show.  “I'm impressed by the scope of the show,” said Mcbride, “As a magician I was absolutely delighted."

“I think Criss has a really unique vision and an incredible commitment to trying something new and I think that will inspire other magicians to push the envelopes and take risks.”

Steve Wyrick also defended Angel saying that people are quick to be critical and that “I think the guy needs a break … I thought the show was good.”

Neither Lance Burton or Penn & Teller had yet seen the show but also offered their support.  Burton had provided some technical consulting on one of the illusions in the show and says he is looking forward to seeing the show.  

Believe is playing at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas with shows running at 7 and 10pm where it will be on for a contracted 10 year run. Quote this article on your site

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Las Vegas Magicians Believe in Angel
Thursday, 13 November 2008

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0 #1 Gary Maurer 2008-11-30 11:05
It will be very interesting to see how long the show will run. The after reading the review that is in the December isssue of MAGIC magazine I wonder if it will last a year.
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