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Jack Hughes World of Magic Volumes 1-3

User Rating: / 15
The series is an amazing set of books especially when you consider all the contents were dreamed up by one man.  The first Volume was published in 1981 and Volume 3 was published in 1999.  Volume 3 was also issue with a comb bound index to the 3 volumes which is helpful in locating any Jack Hughes trick or illusion you can think of.  The volumes are all well illustrated and contain ample descriptions for the builder to create their own version of the tricks.

Volume 1

This volume contains 196 pages and features the following tricks & illusions:

  • Rope Wells
  • Dove in Balloon
  • French Guillotine
  • Sucker and Back Stage Beaker Vanish
  • Tantalising Tassels
  • Totem Pole
  • Three Sword Suspension
  • Scimitar Suspension
  • Gospel Suspension
  • Three Axes Suspension
  • Master Dove in Balloon Table
  • Dove Carousel Vanish
  • Dove Cage Vanish
  • Attaboy
  • Coins in Glass (Tray Method)
  • Coins in Glass (Visible Method)
  • Ten Second remote Control Coins in Glass
  • Roll on Table
  • Can and Ball
  • Locking Jap Boxes
  • Ghost Glass
  • Star Production
  • New Giant Rising Card Trick
  • Vanishing Telephone
  • Snake Basket
  • Golden Shot Joker
  • How to Make a Spring Hinge
  • Sammy the Sweep
  • The Illusive Stop
  • Improved Televsision Card Frame
  • Double Television Card Frame
  • Brief Case to Table
  • Penetra-Spheres
  • Cagey Budgies
  • Dickory Clock
  • Girl to Pony
  • Whirling Microphone Suspension
  • Triple Tray Trunk
  • One Minute Punch and Judy Booth
  • Coin Cascade
  • Card Go
  • Castle Illusion
  • Ventriloquist Mop Novelty
  • The Human Where the Rainow Ends
  • Dippy Duck
  • Three Blades and Speak Illusion
  • Lquid Monte
  • Dove Through Glass
  • M'Ladt Steps Out
  • Alarm Clock Stand
  • Pheobe the Fan Dancer
  • Hat Box Substitution
  • Radio Vanish
  • Dove Catching Net and Dove Production Basket
  • Su-Table
  • The Homocide Illusion
  • Block Off Ribbon
  • Where the Rainbow Ends
  • The Rainbow Doll
  • Ribbons to Botania
  • Spacious Production Box
  • The Chair Suspension
  • New Electric Sawing in Half
  • Head Zopper
  • Dove Nest of Boxes
  • Die Ball
  • Dagger Chest
  • Television Head Chest
  • Peacock Production
  • Hand in Hand Wrist Guillotine
  • Head Chopper
  • Cuban Release
  • The Nest of Boxes
  • Ugly Duckling
  • Fifi - The Card Pecker

Volume 2

This volume contains 187 pages and has the following effects:

  • Auto Rise
  • Breakaway Box
  • Buttons
  • Camera Dove
  • Can-Can Polka
  • The Cardometer
  • Card Ring
  • Card Rising Box
  • Change Over Ring
  • Clatter Box
  • Comedy Clock
  • Crown Jewel
  • Crystal Screen
  • Doll House Illusion
  • Dovenus
  • Doves to Dog
  • Doves by Brian Gore
  • Dropping Daisey
  • Evacuee Doll
  • Fantastic Foo
  • Four Wrongs Make a Right
  • Ghost Glass
  • Giant Dwarf
  • Gloves to Dove
  • Hats Off to the King
  • Improved Tele-Flash
  • The Invisible Card
  • Jack and Jill
  • Kirk's Cup
  • Ku-Bof
  • Lady Vanishes
  • The Last Card
  • Lord Waterlog's Dilemma
  • Maestro Card Box
  • Miracle Numbers
  • "Normans" Miraculous Screen
  • Neck Spiker
  • Note in Lemon
  • Nu-Spots
  • The Parisian Maid
  • Peacock Phantasy
  • Phantom Clock
  • Percy the Penguin
  • Unique Production Cabinet
  • Pro-Van Cabinet
  • Record Mystery
  • Reluctant Balloons
  • The Roamin' Rabbit
  • The Royal Execution
  • Run-Bonzo-Run
  • Sadie the Seal
  • Sammy the Speedster
  • Shanghai Production Frame
  • Skeleton in the Cupboard
  • Spear Box Illusion
  • Spiker Illusion
  • Spots and Glasses
  • Orrin's Streamlined Uplift
  • Super X Levitation
  • J.F. Orrin's Tennipin
  • Think-a-Bell
  • Turn Again Whittington
  • Watch Your Step
  • Wun Stung

Volume 3

This volume contains 195 pages and has the following magic tricks and illusions:

  • Chinese Rising Cards
  • Wrist Spiker
  • Needle Thru Body
  • Doves to Poodle
  • Sword Maiden Illusion
  • Visibly Sawing Thru a Person
  • Girl Through Glass Illusion
  • Buzz Saw Illusion
  • Card Target
  • Edwin's Sponge Ball Routine
  • Beado
  • Knife Thru Girl Illusion
  • Middle for Diddle Illusion
  • Modern Cabinet Illusion
  • Vanishing Cage and Girl Illusion
  • Slicing a Slave Illusion
  • Cabaret Girl Vanish Illusion
  • Striptease Illusion
  • Girl's Gone Illusion
  • Revolving Broomstick Suspension
  • Girl 'N Gate Illusion
  • Robert Harbin's Ad Infinitum
  • Chair to Suitcase
  • Spirit Bell
  • Ribbons to Doves
  • Three Little Pigs
  • Comedy Umbrella
  • Jumping Stool
  • Kwik Paper Cut
  • Mignon Illusion
  • Comedy Legs Table
  • Barricaded Barrels Illusion
  • Stock Escape
  • Head Twister
  • Livestock Production Cage
  • Cig-a-Loon
  • Petticoat Lane
  • Peg Box
  • The Jack Hughes' Peg Box
  • No-Smoking
  • Mickey's Trousers
  • Sleepy Slim
  • Colorama
  • Where Has the Duck Gone
  • Jack Hughes Fly-A-Way Birds
  • Wine and Women
  • Comedy Card Wand
  • Tear-Apart Vanish
  • Vakil's Indian Rope Trick
  • Double Box Production
  • Paddle of Foo
  • Sponge Ball to Rabbit
  • Trans-Thought
  • Costume Trunk Illusion
  • Impossible Dove Vanish
  • Growth of Flowers Illusion
  • Golliwog Ball
  • Double Stunner Prediction
  • Jack Hughes Man to the Moon
  • Assistant's Revenge
  • M'Lady's Hat
  • Coronation Crown
  • Minnie Mischief
  • Topsy Turvey Clown
  • Clatter Table
  • Ultimate Divide
  • Forgetful Joey the Clown
  • Hop Scotch Bottles
  • Kerb Drill
  • Mr. P
  • Brand New Rising Card
  • Mentoulette by Len Belcher
  • Magic Moment
  • Flames Through Glass
  • Torn and Restored Card
  • Holidays Abroad



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Jack Hughes World of Magic Volumes 1-3
Thursday, 09 October 2008

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