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Re:Del Ray
mattr 10-06-14 09:10
Del Ray
bradford 01-06-14 14:38
Re:My Intro!
Pier 10-02-14 14:11
Re:Allow me to introduce myself
Pier 10-02-14 14:09
Re:Allow me to introduce myself
mattr 09-02-14 10:54
Allow me to introduce myself
Mysterio 05-02-14 14:13

Magic Fun Fact

Guy Jarrett, who published the book Magic and Stage Craft in 1936, sold the book for $5.00. He stated in his advertising that the book price would increase $1.00 each month until it reached $10 and then all remaining copies would be publically burned. It was reprinted later in 1981 with additional material by Jim Steinmeyer.
The Sphinx January 1937


Paul Daniels -Houdini Water Torture Escape
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